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Soothe & Release Body & Bath Oil

Body & Bath Oil that eases muscle tension. Benefits/Concerns: Analgesic properties help reduce pain in joints and muscles giving natural release of tension & pain. Can be used pre and post workout to help reduce lactic acid build up. Benefit Description: Warming, stimulating effects from Clove and Blackpepper increase neutricious blood flow to muscles, while the cool effects of peppermint calm and soothe inflammation easing symptopms of pain in muscles and joints. It's stimulating effect can help with mental focus making it easier to concentrate. Can help with colds and fevers, helping the body fight infection. Usage: Apply directly on the body after shower while skin is dampened or use 10 pumps in the bath and soak for 20 minutes to get full therapeutic benefits. For areas of pain this oils can be applied 3 times a day directly, to help with relief. Apply pre and post workout to help maintain muscle health.